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Order Management

Order Management Service in Siliguri

Bizyard’s Order Management Solutions are specially created for multichannel retail firms where you can organize demands and investments in proportions over numerous tracks, offline stores, online marketplaces, and buggies.

Our Order Management Software arrives pre-integrated with the world’s foremost marketplaces and carriage solutions. Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, and many more, are already packed into the method so you can transfer live products with all these outlets.


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Multichannel Selling With Order Management Software

The Order Management System (OMS) of Bizyard manages directives from a single console across online, offline, and website sales media.

  • Advanced Sales.
  • Scalable Performance.
  • Minimized Errors.
  • Seamless Integration.

Extend the capability of your e-commerce business and double up the magnitude of the sales through multichannel retailing.

Multichannel Capabilities

With the multichannel order management system of Bizyard, you get the possibility to process demands via eight tracks, directing to a growth in business sales magnitude.

Robust Inventory Management

Control products across numerous sales channels and mark boosted earnings as with Bizyard they can acquire a deal for the last segment of every SKU.

Optimized Bottom Line

With modernized demand satisfaction methods and operated multi channel demands, you can extend the bottom line of your business liability.

Sales Order Visibility

Grab the needs of your clients by bringing the total visibility of your sales orders via which you can explore the market directions and clients' preferences and choices.

Features of Unicommerce’s Order Management System (OMS)

Appreciate the fruits of Multichannel Retail by transferring your live products with the world’s leading marketplaces and coaches that are combined with Bizyard.

Bulk Orders & Inventory Volume

Boosts quick and easy bulk order processing and satisfaction with our multi channel e-commerce order management software as it blends all the orders into one united screen.

Centralized Dashboard

Catch and analyze a display of components with a suitable dashboard that shows you updates on pending orders, SLA-breached orders, and unverified and fallen orders across numerous sales media.

Returns Management

Address end-to-end order recoveries efficiently with future-ready returns managing features, which are particularly created to guarantee 100% product trackable.


Make online invoices, tags, and displays with simply a few clicks as Bizyard brings you quick and easy invoice generation with auto tax estimates and invoice sequence.

Order Routing

Route orders wisely as the order management module that manages everything impulsively from determining where to route the order to choosing the right shipping associate.

Stockout/Oversell Management

Operate deals from different marketplaces, supporting the best products so that you neither face stockouts nor oversell, flawlessly.

Multichannel Integrated Fulfillment

Merge with the foremost marketplaces and carts around the world to line up offline and online client grounds, appreciating the advantages of multichannel retail.

Integrated Accounting Operations

Develop your income information smoothly by placing payment obtained against a requested item and likening it to the charge for which you procured the ordered item with Payment Reconciliation in place.

Automated Logistics Operations

Allocate your charges impulsively to the ultimate last-mile delivery outlets as the order management system of Bizyard comes pre-integrated with the best shipping partners.