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Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel Service in Siliguri

Creating a sale online is not as precise as only listing your request. Just 2% of clients transform when they first land on your website. The remaining 98% require to be promoted through a sales funnel, a sequence of porters operated to guide possibilities on the route towards your modification plan.

Per measure, this track has a chance of client drop-off. Standing capable of determining and plugging leaks in this strategy is essential for your bottommost queue. We design and supervise your sales funnel to guide your client down a specified track to a more elevated compact proportion.


Happy Clients


Hours Worked


Projects Done

Generate more revenue

We don’t make a sales funnel with a one-time sale in a sense. Instead, our sales funnels are created to maximize client lifetime deals by building a sales knowledge that influences clients and persuades them to operate on your different suggestions.

We create client commitment and test repetition business via the use of:

  • Upselling
  • Cross-selling
  • Down-sales
  • One-time offers

A funnel for everyone

A sales funnel benefits companies of every measure, regardless of which place they perform in. Whether you are an extensive B2C company, a recently established B2B venture, or an eCommerce store, your company, a well-planned and executed sales funnel will guide earnings.